Assurance of your pets comfort and safety.

copy-kidwkitti11.jpeg sensor and monitor will provide you with the assurance of your pet's comfort and safety. On sale for 24.99. Pet Monitoring Set will provide you with the assurance of your pet’s comfort and safety. On sale for 24.99.

Assurance of your pet’s comfort and health.

#1 wireless remote climatic monitor for pets.



The founder of was a busy mother of three children, two dogs,  a frog, several fish and a good sized house and yard to care for.  An incident wit hher dog Max inspired the creation of Monatemp Pets.  The founder was having a normal “juggling of schedule” day.  She had a doctor’s appointment for a child and then a vet appointment for her dog Max.  There was not enough time to get Max after the kid’s doctor appointment so Max came.  The truck was left with all the windows open in a shady spot in the Pediatrician’s lot.  The pediatrician’s appointment took longer than hoped for (although no real surprise).  When the family returned to the car Max was not able to sit up.  The vet informed the family he was exposed to severe heat in the truck even with the windows open.  Max had to spend the night at the vets.  The founder of did not realize how quickly the temperature rose in the truck even with the windows down..

Max’s experience reminded her of the times she wondered about the pets left in cars when the owners went for an hour scuba dive during the summer.   The faithful pets that had to  be left in the car during races.  She wondered about how cold the car was when the pet would be left in a car for a “short visit at friends house who did not love pets.  Max’s family was a very caring family and yet Max had been exposed to severe heat.  Now will monitor the temperature your pet’s environment wirelessly allow you to monitor the temperature remotely.  Take the monitor in with you to the doctor’s office, grocery store, to the beach or office and know your pet is comfortable and safe from harmful climate conditions.  Monatemp Pets will give you the assurance of your  pet’s comfort and health while you are separated. is simple to use and read so order Monatemp Pets today and feel assured of your pets comfort and health.



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